Far Cry Primal release date, launch details and special editions- everything you need to know

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Ubisoft has recently release a Far Cry Primal game. This publisher very popular video game create. Example –  The Division, Assassins Creed series and Tom Clancy’s Rainbox six Siege etc.

Far Cry Primal – release date, trailers, price, retailers, edition: everything you need to know about the launch

Far Cry is PC and PlayStation’s most important fan-franchise. Far Cry Primal is one of the largest games of this generation, but we have take a during to wait yet: interest now has a release date in 2016.

Ubisoft’s new installment in the action-adventure series, Far Cry Primal will come packed whit all lovely platform. The game is set in 10,000 BC movies. The characters speak an fictional language with structure. Story speak language a Proto-Indo-European.

Far Cry Primal’s release date has been pushed around a little since the game was first announced trailer 2015 last. you will find everything you need to know about at it’s coming out, which edition to buy. You can see Edition details below.

Far Cry Primal release date

Far Cry Primal: release date – when is Far Cry Primal coming out?

Far Cry Primal: release date is February 23, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You are going to be able to play for PC on March 1, 2016. The game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. So we will need to generate sure you have the right hardware.

Ubisoft confirmed the release date at the end 2015.


The Far Cry Primal edition – what they contain and how much they cost

Far Cry Primal is going to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest 2016 releases. There are two special editions available now. Standard edition is available on three platform but Digital Apex edition only for PC. Collector edition, which includes physical as will as digital content, and digital only Apex editon.

Far Cry Primal – The game can be pre-ordered for Rs 1,799/$26.35 at Amazon on PC, Rs 3,360/$49.23 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other retailers are yet to go live with price. Official site Standard edition price at a $59.99.

The Far Cry Primal Collector’s edition

-Physical Content

  • Copy of the game
  • The game map of Oros
  • Steelbook
  • The game Collector Box with sabretooth skull opening
  • Wenja phrasebook: Useful words, in-game sentences and your guide. It is a condensed collection of the work of specialists that have adapted a unique language for this game.
  • Official Wenja audio recording and game soundtrack.

-Digital Content

  • 4 enhancement packs: access to rare resources and customisation options
  • Dual of beasts: A powerful rhino spirit dares to challenge your might. Battle him and his herd across treacherous cliffs to assert your dominance
  • Hunt the hunter: time for revenge now. Lead your herd to crush those who threaten your survival
  • New weapon, the Blood Shasti Club: bloodstained club of bone and teeth wieded by UII, the leader of the Udam. The weapon is unbreakable and cannot be consumed by frame.
  • Trapped elder: Bloodthirsty hunters have trapped your leader. Crash their camp and lead the elder to freedom
  • “Legend of the Mammoth” missions: 45 minutes of additional gameplay, where the player will have the unique opportunity to play as the largest animal in Oros, the almighty mammoth, and feel the power to stomp its enemies and defend its herd from other beasts and humans

Digital Apex Edition

  • Hunt the hunter,  Duel of beasts, “Legend of the Mammoth” missions, trapped elder
  • 4 enhancement packs: access to rare resources and customisation options
  • New weapon, the Blood Shasti Club: bloodstained club of bone and teeth wieded by UII, the leader of the Udam. The weapon is unbreakable and cannot be consumed by frame.
  • Price at a $59.99

Far Cry Primal videos and trailers

First up, here’s the Far Cry Primal reveal trailer for 2015. There are gameplay to Stone-Age.

You got the gameplay walkthrough reveal footage at 2015 year.

And here’s the extended footage from the new behind the scenes all videos.



New reveal trailer 101 and  beast master.


Far Cry Primal gameplay

The Far Cry series is a action adventure video game. Far Cry Primal is set in pre-historic times, the gameplay featured and classic gunplay. Players can get access to weapons alike clubs, spears, short-ranged and axes weapons but players cannot purchase weapons with stone. Players are also charged to hunt from food and read to create fire with players get the chance to be the leader of tribe and other tribe from world. The player are manage and protect tribe. Far Cry Primal features a day or night cycle, it will be affect gameplay.

Players can harmless wildlife and saber-toothed tiger in the game. The player has the skill to harmless animals for use in combat. Owl’s vision player can detective enemies outposts and highlight enemies. Player unlock the beast tamer masteries and player can upgrade abilities to the owl, such as diving to kill a enemy.

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