‘Gear of War 4 Release Date’ for Xbox One: Trailer and Beta Revealed, Pre-Order Gears of War 4 Now!

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The new Gears of War is finally happening and will be available in October 11, 2016.

Gear-of-War-4-Release-Date-Story-and-Gameplay Image

Gear of War 4: Microsoft Studios is bringing Gear of War back. Watch the Gear of War Gameplay Trailer, Pre-Order on Amazon Now!

The Gear of War 4 is now available for pre-order on the Amazon or Xbox Store. All Gear of War fans, Microsoft Studios has released a Gear of War new series video game. Gear of War 4 is most acclaimed video game but Microsoft not give any offer the Gear of War 4.

Pre-Order Gear of War 4 on Amazon Now!

Both Gear of War 2 and Gear of War 3 are backward compatible with the Xbox 360. Both game available to download the Microsoft Store. The new game available to pre-order.

Gear of War 4 Beta Details

Update – April 26, 2016 – Now that the closed beta for Gear of War 4, everyone with a Xbox One can now get a check of what’s in store later in the year.

Gears of War 4 will be end May 1, 2016. The Game beta runs in two types, Early Access period on April 18th or all qualifying Gold Members on April 25th. The game working on Xbox One or You must be a Xbox Live Gold Member with connected to Xbox Lve. You can download and play it now, beta file size is 7GB.

The qualify for Early Access period, you can played Gear of War Ultimate Edition with connected to Xbox live on Xbox One or Windows 10 on April 11, 2016.The game doesn’t work in low graphics. Gear of War game work in full settings 2 GB graphics card. Finally beta closed.

Gears of War Tomorrow

Update – April 10, 2016 – The Coalition, the developer behind the new Gear of War Tomorrow, recently released a latest trailer for the Multiplayer mode in the game.

The new Gear of War game has been a coming and the first trailer look very impressive. The graphics looks great, the game graphics much better any other game of this series. The gore is present and everything looked or sense like Gear of War.

The beta closed for Gear of War is starting on April 18 and the developer has released a new Multiplayer trailer. The multiplayer mode features new maps, latest and better characters, and there’s also a single player mode included in the closed beta. A look at the trailer below.

Gear of War 4 Trailer

Update – March 23, 2016 – A Gear of War Tomorrow is Finally launching, After what seems decades, and will be available worldwide on only Xbox One on 11 October 2016, Other platform coming soon.

The game, formerly known as Gear of War 4, It initially started development in 2013, but things didn’t go as planned and whole project was canceled. It was restarted again by new developer The Coalition in 2015. The publisher of Gear of War 4 was done by Microsoft Studios, the same team not behind Gear of War series, This series first game released in 2006 and wasn’t very good.

Now, an new trailer accompanying the release date has been announced for the Gear of War 4 Tomorrow. And it looks good, with military science fiction acts. The new saga begins for one of the most military Gear of War game franchises in history. Watch The new trailer below, which is super fun.

Gear of War Tomorrow Trailer 2016

As the iconic Gear of War, The game will focus on three key character, one of which will be Marcus Fenix’s Son, JD. Developer also announced that the game is set 25 years after the events of Gear of War 3, with the aim to explore a different vision of Sera, with new locations and enemies.

In Gear of War, you can have a look at JD and fellow main character, Delmont ‘Del’ Walker in some new concept art that was published by Gamepack. The game new 4 categories of weather from heavy breeze (trees, leaves, duck kicking up) and grow into violent category 3 windstorms that can affect combat and weapon usage.

Gear of War 4 Release Date

The Gear of War 4 release date has been set for October 11, 2016, and fans can also purchase a Ultimate Edition that include a Vintage Del Pack features (character skin, emblem, two vintage weapon skins and special vintage Del bounty), Season Pass, 24 additional DLC maps.

You can pre-order the game right now from Microsoft Store. The standard edition of Gear Of War will cost you $59.99, whereas the ultimate edition with the season pass and vintage dlc pack will cost you $99.99. Everyone who pre-order the game will receive a Game, DLC pack and Season Pass. A beta Version of the game should also be revealed soon.

Pre-order Gear of War for only Xbox One

Pre-Order Gear of War 4 on Amazon Now!

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