Need For Speed Update 1.05 Now Available To Download For PS4 And Xbox One

February 8, 2016 0 1054
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Need For Speed Update 1.05 for PS4 and Xbox One

EA has released a update for their popular car racing video game title, Need For Speed 2015. New update 1.05 brings fixes for issues that are present in this sections of the game and add the game new features.

The new update 1.05 adds a snapshot pro, customization option with most demanded, ccustom license plates feature. We will also improvements in the multiplayer portion of the game. You look at the full patch notes of Need For Speed 2015 update 1.05 below.

Need For Speed Update 1.05 for PS4 and Xbox One

Full Patch Notes of NFS 2015 Update 1.05

  • New features: wrap Sharing.
  • New features: snapshot pro mode.
  • New “Splash” screen give a player’s information on included the new update 1.05 for the living game.
  • A New Snapshot overview screen Need For Speed network menu so find out more about year snapshots.
  • Kickbacks and likes has Improvements a Snapshot.
  • New 100+ Customization items for a variety of cars.
  • Depth Customization and License plates Apply 10 different license plates to your cars.
  • More improvements and bug fixes to multiplayer.
  • New 3 Trophies and achievements.
  • Gas Station and repair your car on the fly.
  • Including AI, Player feedback, Gameplay and World is a variety of tweaks and improvements.
  • New fixed a couple of bugs for Eddie’s Challenge.
  • New Multiple Stability fixes

Total size of 1.75 GB update 1.05 and Now available on PS4 and Xbox One download. See more details about the new features in Need For Speed’s Official Website.

Need For Speed is a Open-world car racing video game. Developed by EA Black Box, Criterion Games and Ghost Games etc. It was released on November 3, 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One. PC version of the game will be released in 2016. Published by Electronic Arts.

What you think about this new update 1.05 and please Other game information in the comments below.

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