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As open-world multiplayer video game, the game will be come 2016 Q3. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst The First part Mirror’s Edge released in 2008 with mobile versions launched in 2010. Here Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launch date, including the story trailer and more details. The game is a first person action adventure video game developed by EA […]

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Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment was announced a Quantum Break system specification for PC. The game is a upcoming action-adventure game for developer has been a very long time coming. The game will live action cutscenes famous Hollywood actors or gameplay from cinematic story. Developer the creates of Max Payne and Alan wake. Quantum Break require […]

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The Division release date already declared for 8 March 2016 date, whcih is a must popular games of 2016. The game is very entertaining and interesting game. It’s release date with E3 gameplay trailer below. Tom Clancy’s The Division release date for PS4, Xbox One & PC and gameplay trailers available. The game was high […]

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Fallout 4 new update 1.03 is now live on Xbox One and PS4. Includes feature this update general stability, Improves Performance and various quest related bug fixes. New Patch file size just 530 MB. Fallout 4 new update 1.03 added Weapon Debris effects HBAO+ on only PC version. This update for PC version after testing […]

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Interactive Entertainment has released a Dying Light Enhanced Edition Update 1.09 for PS4 and Xbox One. This update following expansion and enhanced edition Content. Enhanced Edition and DLC support for the next story included this update. Dying Light Enhanced Edition is a free update for the game containing the following enhancements receive this update. Enhancements […]

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Microsoft has recently released a new Firmware Update for all Xbox One users. The new firmware update included avatars, fixes for party chat and online multiplayer. We read all details for Xbox One new firmware update and Changelog below. How to Update New Firmware Your console is instant-on mode and you selected to update. Download […]

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Fallout 4 new update the confirmed by Bethesda Softworks. New update 1.03 was release for PS4 and Xbox One. Bug fixes, Performance fixes and additional graphical features for PC this update including HBAO+ and Weapon Debris Effects. Fallout 4 new update 1.03 For PS4 and Xbox One users can be see below. This update confirmed […]

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Bethesda Softwork finally released a Doom 4. Doom 4 is a upcoming first-person shooter video game. The details of Collectors edition. Collectors Edition now available for pre-order price of $119.99US/£99.99UK includes the game and extra goodies. Featuring the statue. Exclusive 12 inch statue on LED-lit base with internet slow spin and Exclusive mental case collectors […]

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Xbox One users will be happy to you will get a free game features. Far Cry Primal on Xbox One pre-order will receive a copy of Valiant Hearts free on Xbox One. Far Cry Primal give you access to bonus content, It is a Legend of the Mammoth. Far Cry Primal for Xbox One Apex […]